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Being Induced? Consider This Before It's Too Late!

It’s a big question. One that you can never ask too soon.

What are you going to have for dinner?

Really! If you are being induced tomorrow you already know that you won’t have a delicious, gigantic, homemade meal for a few hours… so why not indulge yourself tonight!?

What will it be? Breakfast hash and bacon? Steak and a baked potato? Bacon cheeseburger with cheese curds? California rolls with a ginger salad and onion soup at your favorite sushi place?

Decisions, decisions!

Once you’ve been admitted and start your induction, you’ll have your regular offerings of broth, Jell-o, fruit juice, caffeine-free soda, and ice chips while in labor… and if you give birth at Sacred Heart Hospital you’ll probably get a delicious surf and turf meal delivered right to your room after you’ve given birth and have settled in.

(Seriously, whoever had that idea at HSHS is a genius!)

Unfortunately, this isn't the question that many want me to ask.

Somewhere, there is a doula reading this who is rolling their eyes because they thought this would be a blog about Bishop scores.

As doulas, we are often pressured to intervene when a client wants an induction. We are sometimes told that we 'failing' if we don't present all information to all clients. As the owner of Eau Claire Doulas, I firmly disagree.

Every single professional on my highly-skilled team trusts their clients and follows their lead.

We understand that you are a capable, loving, parent that wants the best for your labor, newborn, and family.

If you are considering or planning an induction, we are happy to help you rock it! But we wont rock the boat by questioning your motives, education level, or medical circumstances.

We will not waste your time or patronize you, make you read studies or listen to a condescending lecture about your choices. We'll ask"Would you like more information?" or "Do you have any questions?" and provide those answers... if you want them.

And if you don't? Okay. It's not our job to coerce you to change your birth plan to pursue any sort of 'natural birth' agenda, or any agenda for that matter.

Regardless if you pick Pitocin, Cervadil, Cytotec, or any other route of induction, the reasons why, or how much information you want while weighing your options... we support you.

But until then… this might be your last meal during this pregnancy! Make a celebration of it! You deserve to treat yourself, you've done a lot of hard work and have a big day tomorrow! Maybe you could eat a jar of pickles and a pint of ice cream just for the sake of the cliché. Or even better yet, let your antepartum or postpartum doula make dinner for you!

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