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Feathers May Fly...

“The chicken may cross the road, but nobody crosses the chicken.”- Someone who gets me.

I don’t like birds.

It’s a thing, and everyone around me knows about it.

I really didn’t like them as a kid and avoided them at most costs, during my teens my friends would open their birdcage as a prank, and as an adult mother I was extremely relieved to discover that the largest and ugliest of birds are afraid of strollers.

(Thanks, Florida vacation of 2010!)

I realize that this sounds irrational, considering I’m physically larger than an average bird and far more intelligent, but it makes sense to me.

When I was in elementary school, our family of 5 took a summer vacations to visit family in Lake Geneva, WI. On one of these trips, my two younger brothers and I were walking back to the house after a long day of running free and playing in the sun… when the unthinkable happened.

We were surrounded, nay, AMBUSHED, by turkeys.

Even worse yet, the assault was orchestrated and led by a swift and evil rooster named Voltorb. They wanted our candy!

At this point we had reached the safety of the driveway, but a brief battle ensued. I protected my baby brother Tyler while my other brother Mason fought the turkeys by hand.

And now I don’t like birds! True story!

Naturally, this is from the perspective of the person going through it, who happened to be a terrified and extremely imaginative kid. If you were to ask one of the adults who was there that day, they would probably tell the story a little differently. It’d probably go something like this: “We were catching up while the kids played outside, when we heard the commotion! We into the front yard and find Racheal hiding behind a car tire with little Tyler while Mason was trying to kick a bunch of turkeys. That’s when their uncle chased the birds away with a mop, they stopped screaming, and everyone was fine! The only true parts about that story are the rooster’s name and the fact that Mason didn’t have a fighting chance against those turkeys. Plus those birds lived there and had been playing harmoniously among them for days prior.”

It’s interesting how moments of panic or fear can affect our memories of the experience and how we cope with things in the future. Sometimes it’s hilarious, like with my aversion to poultry, but there are other times when it’s not a laughing matter, because the fear or trauma is very real and leaves a lasting imprint.

Having someone encouraging you, helping ease the transitions along the way, who stays calm when you cannot, and supports you while you decide what to do, can have a positive influence on how you experience what is happening.

That's exactly what a doula does.

We are here to help you with your ‘turkeys’ in parenthood, whether they are expected or by surprise. Maybe your turkey will be bedrest, the powerful urge to push, or a NICU stay Big or small, our doulas are ready to give you reassurance and an extra hand, so you can get through it confidentially and comfortably.


You can reserve your own pregnancy, birth, or postpartum and newborn expert today by reaching out to us via message, Facebook, by phone 715-255-0039, or you can schedule a complimentary consult online to learn more about the services offered.

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