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6 Self-Care Tips Inspired by Lorelai Gilmore

Sometimes, as busy parents, we forget to schedule time to take care of ourselves until we find ourselves binge watching an entire series on Netflix and eating pizza at 2 am. In fact, that's what many of us are planning doing tonight thanks to the return of Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Self-care is such an important thing for anyone, but it is especially important as a new parent. So often, we put ourselves on the back burner because we are so focused on our children and their needs and wants. But we are important too. If we burn out...we won't have the energy to devote to our families.

How can we practice self-care when we don't have very much - or any - extra time? In honor of our favorite mother daughter duo, we've rounded up 6 daily tips for self-care inspired by Lorelai Gilmore...

6. Splurge a bit!

Lorelai loves to treat herself to some retail therapy. While having a newborn makes dropping into Ulta or Sephora at Oakwood Mall a bit more difficult, you can always bring a postpartum doula with to lend a helping hand or do your shopping from home. Wherever you get it done, reward yourself for all the hard work you do by getting yourself something extra that makes you feel good. Life is short, buy the lipstick.

5. Go For a Walk!

Instead of taking your car everywhere you go, why not put baby in their carrier, wrap, or stroller and hit the pavement? It is a great way to see your surroundings and enjoy the fresh air, instead of being so focused on what need to get done. If you don't live in an area that makes walking feasible, park your car in a location that is central to where you will be running errands. Then you can still get all the benefits of walking while reducing your carbon footprint.

4. Schedule Playtime!

You may not have enough free time to have an entire movie-and-junk-food night like Lorelai Gilmore, but try carving out even 5 minutes of time to just be silly. Jump on the swings at the park and see how high you can go! Blow bubbles! Play with PlayDoh! Put the vacuum away and go join your kids on the trampoline. Whatever you choose to do, let yourself let loose and be worry-free for a few minutes.

3. Unplug during family dinners.

Our devices are important in our lives for many obvious reasons. We use them to run our businesses, manage our finances and households, learn and be social. There is always a lot of work to be done and not enough time to do it. But take a page from Lorelai's book and unplug during family dinners. Use this time each day to remain as present as possible with your kids (or visit the grandparents!) while enjoying a meal. This is where some of the best conversations are made!

2. Animal therapy.

Lorelai loves animals- especially Paul Anka. It's easy to see why, considering it’s no secret that animals are very therapeutic. Give your furbabies a little extra love and you’ll be sure to receive some in return! Don’t have any pets? Offer your assistance to friends and family or the Eau Claire County Humane Association.

1. Coffee.

It doesn’t take much time to brew a cup of coffee! Start your day with a cup of joe and some relaxation while your baby is content or still asleep. Taking a coffee break can be the perfect naptime treat too. Hit your favorite coffee shop drive-thru and enjoy your java in the parking lot while your little one sleeps peacefully in their car seat.

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