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Antepartum Doulas

There are a lot of little things to get done before the arrival of your new little one

Our antepartum doulas are here to help ease this transition and any surprises that occur along the way.

From organizing the nursery and washing baby clothes to accompanying you to a newborn boutique or various appointments, our doulas are available to be by your side.  This is especially helpful for parents who are bringing home their second, third, or fourth baby.  We are happy to offer an extra hand with your older children while you get things done or take a well-deserved nap.

We are also experts in assisting parents who are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, complications, physical limitations, or who are on bedrest.  During stressful times or moments of uncertainty, you can rely on your doula to provide consistent and compassionate support.  Much like the support of a Postpartum Doula, our Antepartum Doulas can assist with light housekeeping, meal preparations, sibling care and other household responsibilities so that you can focus on your health and self-care.

Labor Doulas

You've been waiting, but the time has finally arrived and your new baby is on their way!

Our labor doulas are ready to support you through labor, birth, and the first hours with your newborn.

All our labor doulas work in pairs, ensuring that our clients always have easy access to a familiar and knowledgeable professional throughout their pregnancy.  This structure also enables us to offer immediate on-call availability, so that our clients can be confident that they will receive the support they’ve reserved regardless of when and how their labor begins.

Your two labor doulas will begin by becoming familiar with you, your family, and the plans you have for your labor and birth experience through prenatal visits.  This is also an ideal time to ask questions, seek information, and explore local resources.  

When the big day arrives, your on-call doula will join you upon your request at your home, hospital or birth center.  They will remain with you and your partner, providing reassurance and assistance, until after your baby is born.   Our experts have been specially trained to support parents throughout all their options from water births to scheduled repeat cesarean births and everything in-between.

Postpartum Doulas

Your newest bundle of joy has made their arrival, now it’s time to get to know them better and enjoy every moment

Our Postpartum Doulas are prepared to help your household continue to run smoothly after giving birth or bringing your baby home.

Your professional doula can begin supporting you as soon as your baby is born, meeting you directly in your home, hospital room, or the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  We are available to help you decode every cry and burp, soothe the tears and gas, and help your baby adjust to the outside world peacefully.  All our professionals are well-versed in a broad spectrum of infant topics including feeding, diapering, sleep options, and  their other needs.  They're also equipped to help you cope with specific concerns such as colic, weaning, and teething, along with different childrearing strategies, including Attachment Parenting (AP) and sleep training methods.


As your doula assists you with newborn care, they’ll also be dedicated to helping make sure that the needs of you, your partner, any older children you have are met.  Like the support of an antepartum doula, our postpartum doulas can tackle light housekeeping, meal preparations, sibling care and other household responsibilities so that you can concentrate on your recovery and bonding experience. 

This service can be utilized anytime, including beyond the first 3 months postpartum (sometimes referred to as ‘the fourth trimester’).  You can extend your support from your baby’s first hours and days into the following weeks and months until their first birthday.

Placenta Encapsulation

This ancient practice has been revitalized for modern parents.

Our postpartum placenta specialists are equipped to prepare your capsules safely and efficiently.

We place extremely high value on the safety of you, your family, our specialists, and their families.  Our encapsulation services are always completed within our client’s home. This process was created to uphold the highest of industry standards, remain in compliance with organ transportation laws, and follow the World Health Organization’s guidelines for safe transportation and storage.

We provide everything that is required to transport and store your placenta, along with all the supplies your specialist needs to create your capsules.

Cord Blood Consultation

Umbilical cord blood is full of precious stem cells that can be preserved for your baby's future.

Our Cord Blood Consultants are enthusiastic about helping you start the collection process.


This informational in-home consultation is designed to provide you with the most up-to-date information available regarding the latest medical breakthroughs and on-going studies.  After presenting you with the data and available options, your consultant will support you and your partner as you pick an option that is best for your family.  If you decide to either bank or donate cord blood, they will refer you to the resources and businesses that suit your needs.

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